Market Access

Used properly, market access can be a highly effective tool for increasing product sales in both the reimbursement and commercial sectors.

Through Raifarm’s depth of experience in evidence development, economic evaluation, pricing, reimbursement, and market access planning we have developed unique instruments to evaluate and realize the commercial potential of your medical product at any point of its development. We have a proven track record in a variety of market access projects built on internal expertise, excellent planning, and seamless execution.

We have a large on-the-ground presence and deep local knowledge throughout our regions of operation. We track legislative changes, normative documentation, priority therapeutic areas, and individual local needs. Our superior understanding helps us hone our efforts toward the most beneficial market access routes for any product. Our market access consultancy is built on our evidence-based life sciences database, to ensures efficient decision-making support throughout the entire lifecycle of your product or portfolio.

We’re always in touch with leading doctors, government officials, key decision makers, and influencers to:

  • Provide access to crucial data and key stakeholders
  • Quickly share information with target audiences across multiple regions
  • Provide fast and focused information delivery that is crucial to rapid decision making, resulting in swift increases in sales
  • Use market access initiatives for post-launch sales support

Raifarm also provides a single point of contact with manufacturers, external vendors, distribution and logistics companies, advocates, technology, specialty pharmacies, co-pay programs, and field-based personnel.

Advantages of Early Development Marketing Plan

Pharmaceutical marketing needs to be a top priority for manufacturers in order to achieve acceptable levels of ROI. Launching a clinically efficacious drug can take up to a decade or longer of scientific study, with a financial investment of a billion dollars or more.

The stakes are extremely high, so it is important to consider a product’s commercial success – to make it a top priority – even at the earliest stages of development. Even more so, an early and strategic approach to early marketing can often facilitate and accelerate a product’s approval and confirm its value more effectively. We take great care to thoroughly understand our stakeholders’ goals and target audience requirements and conduct precisely targeted data collection, in order to create a marketing plan that best benefits eventual product success.

Early understanding of market access also allows for a properly targeted trial design, perfected product profile, and label optimization. Raifarm offers market access consulting services as early as the clinical compound development stage.

Raifarm provides market access consulting services as early as initial clinical development of a compound. This helps to gain adoption of formularies and carry out a consistent market access strategy that efficiently targets a concise product message, as well as negotiate better pricing and reimbursement.