Effective medical marketing is crucial to the successful commercialization of your product, and it can be particularly challenging in emerging pharma markets. Raifarm’s expertise can make all the difference.

Due to the laundry list of strict regulations and licenses, drug and medical device marketing differs dramatically from the advertising of any other product. Beyond that, pharmaceutical product development can last ten years or more.

Effective pharmaceutical marketing requires the seamless execution of a clear and coherent marketing strategy, able to analyze and synthesize complex data. Pharma marketing can include a number of interwoven demands working under the direction of multiple managers, with a complicated decision-making process and limited finance. And there is, of course, the adjustment to patients’ needs and the convoluted, ever-changing regulatory system. Furthermore, most pharma marketing plans can only be executed for as short as a twelve-month period.

Raifarm’s directed experience will overcome these obstacles to communicate your product’s value story in a targeted, localized approach to effectively beat the competition.

  • Your drug or medical device is broadcasted and accessible to the widest range of eligible patients.
  • Your return on investment is strong and sustained over time.

Raifarm’s Recipe for Commercial Success

We tackle programs of any scale – from stand-alone events, to full-scale promotional campaigns. We examine each local pharma market, identify key decision makers and influences, and develop targeted messaging campaigns. We interface directly between our clients, designated decision makers and opinion leaders, patients and patient organizations, the broader health community, and the general public at large to coordinate a clear and effective communication campaign and exchange of information. We keep all parties “in the loop,” with full access to product information: applications, safety and efficacy profiles, and competitive advantages.

Our extensive Public Relations experience enables us to successfully plan and execute even the most challenging and complex healthcare marketing campaigns, aimed at a specific target audience of any size or variance. We raise awareness on diseases, their treatments, and relevant public welfare issues.

We’re also adept at conducting effective lobbying campaigns for our clients. We capitalize on our deep knowledge of every aspect of pharmaceutical marketing on federal, regional, and hyper-local levels: relevant legislation and legislatures, funding sources and industry trends, and our external expertise and excellent connections with decision-makers at every level. We help companies define their long-term goals and align their strategy accordingly. We organize meetings between our clients and state agencies, NGOs, and healthcare officials.

This all works to improve dialog between our clients and important decision makers – to position our clients in key, strategic local markets.

Marketing Services at Raifarm:

  • Full-Scale Marketing Campaigns. We create strategic, comprehensive campaigns targeted for ideal exposure of your product – from a single drug or medical device, to a large portfolio.
  • Stand-Alone Events. Including advisory boards for specific products, scientific symposia at relevant events, launch conferences, educational campaigns, and training initiatives.
  • PR Support. Including features in trades and general press, involvement of opinion leaders, and targeted communications to patients and civil advocacy groups.
  • Lobbying. Events at high-profile governmental institutions, including both houses of Parliament and the Ministry of Health, for specific conditions and products, educational campaigns for authorities, and connections with decision-makers.